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Sitting down to talk with worship artist Jaime Jamgochian you quickly realize she is a woman of faith who God is using in many different ways through her music and message. It’s immediately evident she has a passion to see people know how much God loves them and a desire to see that reality change their lives—because it has changed hers.

For Jamgochian, delving into the pages of the lives of teen girls and calling out their true purpose and identity is one of her life’s ambition. Inspiration for her passion came in the unlikeliest of places—three words handwritten on the cover of a young fan’s journal: Modest Is Hottest. Jaime immediately knew this was one catchphrase she could stand behind.

“I’ve always felt a burden for teenage girls,” shares Jamgochian. “I feel like there’s always more to it when a girl is dressed inappropriately than I just want to look cute.” Jaime began leading worship and sharing her testimony at many teen girl and woman’s events. “The doors just kept opening to talk about this issue and encourage woman.” “Modest Is Hottest” became the slogan printed on her T-shirts. Jamgochian could see a movement among the girls beginning to ignite as they flocked in droves to buy the shirts and embrace the message.

Jaime came to know the Lord at 21 years old at Berklee College of Music and God completely changed her life. It’s her greatest passion and desire to see these girls really know who they are in Christ and how much God loves them and not go down some of the roads she did. She shares “I feel like if that is solidified, then what they wear, what they do, even their relationships will flourish out of that.”

From there, Jaime struck out on her own to create Modest Is Hottest conferences. These one-day events for young girls, ages 12-19, and their moms integrate speaking, worship, concerts,modest is hottest fashion tips and an honest Q&A session. This year guest speakers and artists will join Jaime for the first time. Her hope is to address current issues young girls are dealing with and to see them leave these events living confidently in who they are in Christ.

Through her contagious smile, cheerful personality and stylish dress, girls are looking up to her & wanting to hear something real. “The biggest thing God did when I got saved was restore hope in a lot of areas. I was searching for hope in all the wrong places, in temporary things—relationships, body image and success,” she confides. “When I met Christ, I experienced  & continue to experience true hope. I pray that is what teen girls & women find when they listen to my music or attend an event.” 

This Boston-native is still a worship leader at heart. Her latest single, “The Stand”—one of Jamgochian’s favorites to lead at church, concerts and events—is one of her highest radio charting songs to date, falling in line with a discography that includes two full-length albums on Centricity Records filled with sincere, high-energy praise & worship. One of her most well known original song “Hear My Worship” spent 12 weeks at  #1 on national Christian radio. The song accurately reflects the brand of artist Jamgochian aims to be. “Worship has always been a huge part of my heart & what God has called me to. I think my favorite part is seeing people, eyes closed, hands raised, just getting lost in God’s presence,” she says. “Heaven comes down in those moments, and you’re just captivated by Him. I love to try to facilitate a moment like that.”

In addition to concerts and events, Jaime leads worship at her local church in Nashville, where she also mentors girls. She’s writing for a new album as well as writing her first book and curriculum, resources she hopes will equip the church to teach girls about God’s definition of beauty and purity.

Her desire is that “modest is hottest” becomes a new anthem for this generation of teen girls. She says, “The vision would be to prayerfully see God continue to give all that He has begun through me greater wings. I cannot wait to see where He leads”

Take out a pink Sharpie, and take note, girls: Modest really is hottest

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